Of course ! You can join the DSD program (Discover Scuba Diving), in which you’ll learn basic theory and skills about scuba diving. Then you’ll go for 2 dives at a maximum depth of 40 feet (12 meters) under close supervision.

The DSD can count towards the OW Course if you then decide to pass your Diving certification !

Also, snorkeling tours do not require any prior diving experience, and life jackets are provided.

During the Summmer, the water goes up to 82 °F (28 °C). A full 3mm wetsuit is largely enough and will keep you warm even on multiple days  of diving.

The first dive of the day is always the deepest. Depending on the dive site, we may go down to 100 ft (30m). But it really depends on you, and except on certain specific locations, there’s no need to go that deep. An average max depth on a first dive is around 80ft (24m). The second dive is usually shallower, between 40-60 feet (12-18m).

It depends on the dive profile and on your breathing ! We end the dive when you are low on air (700 PSI or 50 bars). It is common to dive for 60-70 minutes.

Maximum 4 divers per guide ! If you’re a bigger group or if some other divers are joining the dive, I’ll have another experienced divemaster with me.

In Cozumel, tipping is a common practice for services (this includes restaurants too by the way !). They provide the captain and the boat crew an additional and precious source of revenue, and they’ll really appreciate it.

If you’re happy with your day of diving, $20 is a good tip for a 2 tanks trip.

Night diving is a unique experience ! Due to logistics, it needs to be planned ahead as we need enough divers on the boat to make it happen.

You’ll be onboard one of the best boats of the island, in terms of comfort and speed ! We’ll be leaving directly from the marina Fonatur. The first divesite will be reached in 30 minutes maximum. Onboard, you’ll be provided with fresh water, fruits and lunch (for diving trips and snorkel tours).

  • Morning trips: Meeting at 8:45 am in the marina, departure at 9 am. We’ll be back around 1pm.
  • Afternoon trips : the boat is leaving at 2pm, and you’ll be back by 6pm.


You can come on the boat as a snorkeler for $65. You’ll be provided with a mask, snorkel and fins, and will enjoy the beauty of the reefs from above, in the shallow area. Of course, refreshments and lunch will also be provided.

You can pay at the end of every dive trip, either in USD or in Mexican pesos.

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